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Your film choice can be more important that your camera choice. Different films add different feel and quality to your pictures. You may want black and white film for an occasion, or pure color. There are different ISO (also known as ASA and "speed") to consider dependant on the subject and the amount of light. There is also a tremendous amount of specialized film ranging from infrared (experimental), to tungsten film to compensate for incadescent lighting. Quite simply you may be limited to what film to get based on the type of camera you have. Film format is an important element to consider that determines the quality of the reproduction.

In this day of digital cameras, film seems to be an almost archaic consideration, but your media choice doesn't ever have to exclude film. Film has it's own advantages, and you may consider using it for certain picture situations. Not to mention that the start-up costs for film is going to be cheaper. The other side to that is that in the long run, digital may be a cheaper investment.

Black and White vs. Color

Film Format
Small Format:

Medium Format:

Large Format:

ISO, ASA, "speed"

Specialized Film

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