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Peanut Sauce Stir Fry

I have made this with both chicken and pork, but you can substitute any "meat", including tofu, turkey, etc. This is certainly more a pan-asian dish than anything close to authentic asian cuisine. It combines Chinese stir-fry, with Thai inspired peanut sauce, and Japanese style ramen noodles. Essentially it is all-American in its way that it combines and melds all sorts of different cultural flavors.

I start it by layering my wok with apx. a table spoon of peanut oil (can substitue your favorite cooking oil) and two cloves of garlic chopped finely. Sweat the garlic over medium-high heat.

Meanwhile, chop the "meat" into bite sized pieces.

Add your "meat" into the garlic oil. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Add apx. 1 teaspoon soy sauce, and 1 teaspoon rice vineger to begin the sauce, and cook over medium-high heat until tender.

Add you favorite frozen vegetable medley. My favorite is asparagus stir fry, but I also like to use snap pea stir fry. Season with some additional salt and pepper. Add your favorite Thai peanut sauce (essentially peanut butter, soy sauce, red chili sauce, and other spices). Add apx. one tablespoon of honey. Stir fry the vegetables and "meat" with sauce. Stir fry and use wok's side to push food to the side as sauce is reduced to a thicker consistency.

Meanwhile, boil water, and prepare ramen noodles. Top ramen works fine. Once noodles are done, combine into wok and allow for sauce to absorb.

Serve in a bowl with your favorite asian side. I like Pot stickers (chinese dumplings), or Edamame (soy beans in the shell).