The following are websites
that I use to get help
on math.

Math Help Websites:
MathForum - My favorite, the "Ask Dr. Math" section is very useful, and it is searchable for specific concepts. - Pretty straightforward, click on Pre-Algebra or Algebra to find concepts that will be more specific to our class.
Webmath - Has some cool tools and features, but isn't as easy to find specific things relevant to our class.
Free Math Help - Another site with a lot of information.

Math Tutoring:
Mathnerds - You can ask them for help on specific questions. - Another math tutoring site.

Resource Websites:
MathCounts - MathCounts official website - has additional resources.
NCTM - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - has additional resources.

Search Engines
Google - Very useful, is blocked at school.
Ask - The next best thing, and it is not blocked at school.
MSN - Again, not blocked at school. (*HINT: for your stocks project this is a good source, just go to the financial page, and then you can type in your stocks to pull up the closing costs.)

Additional Sites:
Science Misconceptions - A fun site that talks about common misconceptions.

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