Letter from a Referee

Hello Mr. William Wright (Athletic Director at EFHS),

I'm an AIA official reffing volleyball predominantly. I was recently designated (with a partner) to your school to do two assignments, a JVA and Varsity Boys volleyball match respectively. I think I can speak on behalf of my partner when I say that while there, we experienced something that we thought you'd like to hear about because it made a lasting impression.

I felt extremely compelled to write this email to let you know just what an impressive experience we had while officiating your schools boys volleyball teams. Not only were they extremely respectful to the officiating crew while on the court, but they also went above and beyond to graciously provided us each a snack-pack and some very heartfelt written cards that expressed they're gratitude for us being there to officiate their matches (photo attached).

Now I have to admit that receiving these was uncharted territory for both my partner and I because as you can imagine we're used to having to be on guard to put out fires not necessarily receive praise and gratitude. We weren't even sure how to react to be honest, but after the match we thanked the coaches and the players for their A-list treatment of their officials that day and we went about our evening. The more I've thought about that day, the more I've felt that a follow up communication about this needed to be sent.

Therefore, on behalf of the officiating crew from that day, we wanted to extend our appreciation to you and your staff in the event that you didn't catch wind of this kind gesture. It really made our day and I can tell you that it made a lasting impression on not only your boys volleyball program, but your school as a whole. We had a very pleasant time there and we look forward to future assignments at your school.


Hector & Leah Saenz
AIA Officials