Letter from a Referee

Dear School Administrators,

It is a distinct pleasure to write complimenting the excellent Sportsmanship and dedication to the team your Head Girl's Basketball Coach exhibited in the game at Estrella Foothills High School which I recently refereed.

During the course of any game are numerous instances where a Referee can call, or elect not to call, a foul or violation. Clearly the perspective of a coach, player or fan, who want every call to go in their favor, is quite different from the Referees. Sometimes I see something happen and think to myself, "someone ought to call that" only to realize that was my call and I missed it. Or, I make a call that might not have been the best. Sometimes Rules have changed or the AIA has instructed Referees to place special emphasis on certain Rules. Coaches, Players or fans may not be aware of the new changes.

Referees hate to miss a call and do the best we can, but must admit we never work a perfect game!

Some coaches feel it their duty to maintain a running diatribe, often less than respectful, directed at the Referres regarding suspect calls or no-calls.

The best coaches focus on coaching their team, teaching correct principles and helping the kids play better.

It was a real pleasure to work a game with a coach that focused on coaching and not on complaining to the Referees and comported himself in such a professinoal manner as did your coach.

When he had questions about calls he was always respectful and accepted the answer without argument.

His conduct was genuinely exemplary and a positive affirmation of the values of your school and of placing student interests first.


Vic Pear